What is an e-commerce website?

E-commerce is exchanging goods or buying goods between entitiesg but online. An e-commerce website can be used to sell various kinds of products.

How is e-commerce used in business?

Online retail has grown over the last couple of years as people are noticing the benefits of owning an e-commerce website. The process of ordering something you’ve been browsing online from the comfort of your home is not something to be overlooked.

In addition, your competition has probably already created its online retail presence. If you have a small business, building your own retail website can be very beneficial. Even if you also own a physical store, setting up a retail website can be valuable. You’ll get the word out by creating your own online shopping website and gain more visitors both in your physical store and your online store.

You can also appeal to people worldwide. You can start selling your products to people living in another city, country, and even another continent. There is a huge possibility to scale with e-commerce.

The benefits of getting an e-commerce ewebsite

Having an e-commerce website can have multiple advantages for your business. Here are some of them.

1. Low operating cost with 24/7 availability

Unlike a physical shop, an online store does not need a space to rent, so you don’t need to worry about paying rent, or electricity fee, or any other fees that come with renting a space. That’s a lot of savings you can invest in promoting and growing your business!

Plus, online stores are open round the clock, always ready to sell to buyers worldwide at no extra cost. Around the clock e-commerce websites are very valuable and will enhance your business.

2. Control over brand and message

Setting up your own retail website allows you to connect with prospective shoppers on your own terms. Share the latest customer success story, display the entire product portfolio, and so much more. Whatever you think will close the sale, go for it and don’t worry about character limits, image caps or layout restrictions.

Furthermore, you control your marketing. For example, you can choose to send emails to your customers every day, informing them of a sale or a new product.

3. Data

You can gather a massive amount of data that can be very useful. Track your customers’ behaviour and their interaction. This will boost your marketing efforts and identify your most popular products. Subsequently, you can make a conscious decision to allocate your time on products that are wanted and maybe discontinue products or services that are not as popular.

Furthermore, you can track which page a customer exited on your website. If this happens several times, you might want to look at that page and consider what you can do to improve it and make the customer want to move on to the next step in the process instead of exiting.

4. Shelf space exclusivity

One disadvantage to trading through an online marketplace is that your goods or services are placed next to competing ones. The struggle for attention forces merchants to slash prices and pay premium listing fees that reduce margins. However, if you own an e-commerce website, your visitors will only see the products and services you offer instead. Additionally, your visitors are there purely because of the interest they have in your products and services.

5. SEO visibility

Allocating time to implement search engine optimisation of your e-commerce website builds visibility for your brand. Basically, everything you’re spending time and money on is purely for the sake of your e-commerce website. Ensure that visitors find your shopping website on Google when they search for a product and make it effortless for them to purchase directly.

6. Encourage loyalty

One purpose of an e-commerce website is to have repeat customers and repeat sales. You should ensure that you encourage loyalty in a repeat customer who buys various products from your e-commerce website.

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