Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes the use and collecting of information for a number of purposes, such as account information or information of your interactions with our services.

1. Information Collected.

WebMarco uses data collection in order to offer services and identify a natural(existing) person.

When information is collected?  (Information provided by you)

When you register for our Services, purchase and/or register domain names, use any of our Services.

What information is collected?

  • Information you provide when creating a account on WebMarco, specifically first name, last name, email address.
  • Purchases of paid services offered by WebMarco. Payment information such as country of issuance, expiration date of the card is information used for our payment process
  • All means of communications contain data/information provided by you. (email, costumer support, costumer messages, etc.)
  • Promotion, deals you offer on your website as a vendor.
  • Purchase of products on WebMarco. Any purchase made includes information you provide to complete the payment process.
  • When making a purchase of products on WebMarco, delivery information is required for further procedures. (postal address, city, full name, email address, account ID, etc.)

All specifications mentioned above are part of the information provided by you to WebMarco.


2. Data Protection.

All data collected and processed by WebMarco is in regulation with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) according to EU standards and legal terms.

European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

All countries that fall under the DGPR laws and regulations, may use data protection laws, including right to:

  • Request access to personal data
  • Request delectation/correction of data
  • Process of data
  • Request the limit of use or processing of your personal data
  • Right to complain to supervisory authority for any believed breach of law.


3. Your rights and consent.

WebMarco may collect and share data with consent for better use at your direction. This information can be share with 3rd parties when authorized by you.

  • You can exercise your rights over Personal Data/ Information being used by WebMarco or 3rd parties. You have the right to object to the use of your data at any time, as well as make changes to the data collected by WebMarco to better use on your end.
  • If you believe that your Personal Data was wrongly used, you have the right to file a complaint with a supervisory authority.
  • Users may contact Vendors personally regarding personal data on websites powered by WebMarco.



4. 3rd party links (where/ who the data is shared)

WebMarco has a number of partners whose services come in hand with the services provided by WebMarco. Information may be shared to the mentioned 3rd parties if we believe this information might become helpful to the services provided. When you register on WebMarco information filled out (example: name, last name, email, phone number, etc.) is used to identify each individual for further registrations and use of services. When purchasing a product or services provided by us, all information related to your purchase (example: postal address, account ID, account name, email address, etc.) may be used in future noticed.

*According to legal rights and Data Protection.


5. Cookies

Cookies are a string of information provided from the visitor's browser each time that a visitor enter or returns to a website. Automatic cookies and other forms of technologies like pixel tags help us identify and track usage, visitors, preferences for our Services/Products.

Cookies used on WebMarco are essential for our website and services in order to perform basic functions and features. This includes account-related functions, which allow users to register and store preferences such as account name, languages, and ensure all functions and services are operating properly.

Below we have listed the types of cookies used on WebMarco and their functions.

  • Analytics and Performance
  • Advertising

These cookies allow us to improve and optimize performance by collecting data on users who interact with our website, pages and other analytic data. By doing so we can analyze our users interests and improve their experience on our website.

These cookies are used by our advertising partners to provide you with content, advertisements and preferences relevant to you or your online business.

We use both session-based and persistent cookies on our websites.



6. Tracking

Advertisement appearing on any of our Services may be delivered by other advertising networks. These advertising networks may use tracking technologies (such as cookies) to collect information from you about the use of our services. By tracking this information WebMarco and other advertising networks are able to determine your interests and preferences.


These technologies are used mostly for stability, security, functionality, performance and advertising purposes.


7. Changes to Policy

Privacy Policy can be update at any time found reasonable to reflect changes and updates in technology, law requirements or any other reason determined as necessary by us. After the update of these changes, "Effective Date" will represent the accurate date when these changes were made and will be visible to all visitors.

You will be notified for any changes made on the way we collect and process personal information.


8. Contact us (forms of contact)   

If you have any questions, complaint, comments or recommendations feel free to contact us on any of our forms of contact.

Email: [email protected]

Phone:   +390256568724

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